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Dream Designs Computer Services offers a full line of computer services, such as those listed below:

Virus and Spyware Cleanup

Your computers hard drive(s) will be pulled from your machine and scanned on a clean computer to get rid of Virus's, Trojans, Dialers and other Malware that is slowing your computer down.  Temporary Internet files and other temporary files will be cleaned off the drive and if necessary the drive will be defragmented.  Then we will show you how to keep these files cleaned off and recommend software to help keep your computer clean.

Operating System Reload

Your data files will be backed up onto a clean machine and the Operating System will be reloaded along with up to five (5) other pieces of your software.  This will include all necessary security updates from Microsoft and any other updates for installed software.  We will setup printers, scanners, Internet, email and get your computer back on your network if needed.  This service requires you to have ALL of your Original system disks and your Original additional software disks and any license numbers needed.

Network Installation

We can provide everything necessary for a complete network installation or network extension.  This can include any cables, switches (hubs), routers, decorative cable chases, running terminating and testing of the cables, labeling cables, wired and wireless network cards and moving computer equipment.  Also testing the equipment and securing wireless networks.

Custom Built Computers

We will build new computers to your specifications or we will sit down with you and discuss your needs.  From there you can decide on the price range and desired hardware and software you would like in your new computer.  These can include video card, sound, network, CD and DVD players and burners.  What type and size monitor would you like or if you will be reusing your existing monitor.  All new computers come with a full one (1) year limited parts and labor warranty.  This will include unlimited telephone support for the length of the warranty.

Refurbished Computers

All refurbished computers have been completely tested and are in top running condition at the time of sale.  The operating system will be freshly installed along with all necessary security updates from Microsoft.  These units will come with a thirty (30) day limited parts and labor warranty.  Additional hardware and software may be purchased for any of these units at the time of sale.

Hardware and Software Upgrades

We will inspect your computer and determine if a hardware or software upgrade is economical.   We can upgrade existing components including CPU, hard drives, memory, CD and DVD drives, power supplies, video cards, network cards and sound cards.  We can also upgrade software such as Microsoft Office, anti-virus programs and Operating Systems.  We can setup backup software and hardware to help protect your data from loss or damage.

Software, New and Used Parts

We can provide software titles of all types including Windows Operating Systems, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Works, Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware software.  We also provide new and used parts including hard drives, CD and DVD drives, memory, video, sound, modem and network cards.  We will be happy to install and setup any of these items.

Web Page Design

We can design a personal website for an individual or for a company, business or organization.  We can help set you up with a Domain Name, Web Host and maintain your site.  With a web site you can get your information out to the world or just to let local people and businesses know what you have to offer.

Dream Designs Computer Services

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