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Computers are everywhere in our daily lives.  In our homes, businesses, schools and hospitals.  They help us keep track of appointments, photos, music and in contact with friends and family.  But just like the car you drive needs maintenance so do the computers.  They need to be cleaned up both physically (removing dust) and technically (removing spyware, virus's and junk files).  Dream Designs Computers wants to be the one you trust with all of your computer needs, upgrades and networking issues.

Dream Designs provides affordable computer sales, service and technical support in and around the Taylor area.  We have fast, friendly, and reliable personnel to help you with all of you computer needs.  We are first and foremost a computer repair service.  We repair all types of desktops and laptops usually within 24-48 hours. We take great pride in our support after the sale or repair has been completed.  We do both in-home and onsite service as well as in-shop repairs.

We provide network support and installation in your home or office.  We custom build new computers to your specifications or we will discuss your needs with you and decide what computer will fill them.  Quality refurbished computers are also available.  Web site design is also available for personal pages or businesses. 

Dream Designs Computer Services

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